Posted by: holdenlee | September 3, 2014

Thoughts on computerized mathematics

Because “automated theorem proving” doesn’t quite capture what I want to say. I want the phrase which would fill in the blank

artificial intelligence : machine learning :: _?_ : automated theorem proving.

The analogy is that AI is what we really want, but the subject of “AI” feels like 90% speculation. “Machine learning” is that narrower field which is based upon sound mathematics/statistics, but loses those nice introspective, philosophical aspects. Computerized mathematics doesn’t seem like a winner for the blank but it’ll do for now.

I’m trying an experiment for this post: the full post is actually on workflowy. I’m writing this post in an outline format because an outline is closer to the complicated web of ideas it’s supposed to represent than linear text. There are parts which aren’t polished, and are summaries of other things. I try to connect different resources more than I explicate things myself. But the whole idea is that it’s easy to explore, you can just read the bits you want, and you can copy it and annotate it, if you’d like. Please do leave comments here.


  1. There appears to be an extra space or %20 at the end of your workflowy link 😉

  2. Fixed – thanks.

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