Posted by: holdenlee | May 7, 2014

Notes: Algebraic Methods in Incidence Theory

Three things.

  • As I’m revising (reviewing) for Part III exams, I’m writing up notes in each subject (time permitting). Here are notes on Algebraic Methods in Incidence Theory (source). They should be used in conjunction with the official lecture notes. Please note that my notes contain more content than is examinable.
    • In the notes I summarize rather than reproduce the proofs.
  • I’m taking a course on Additive Combinatorics and Equidistribution. Notes here. (Warning: contains many typos.)
  • I’m starting to use the selected papers network, which is a central easy-to-search feed that gathers from all over the Web people’s responses on papers. (See Baez and Gowers on SPN.) Unfortunately it doesn’t support wordpress at the moment, so I will be posting the tags on google+ with a link to the corresponding post on this blog.

All notes will be permanently available on the notes page, where source files are also available.



  1. Maybe you’ve already seen this, but if you haven’t, went up a few days ago.

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