Posted by: holdenlee | September 24, 2013

Summer teaching; looking forward

I’m taking this post to tie up some threads from this summer.

  1. I’m putting up a report on my teaching I did for CETI (China Education Technology Initiative) this summer, in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  2. On another note, I’ve organized some of my ramblings on a “wiki” site here. A lot of these notes are past blog-post-like articles that I didn’t have time to write up fully and may not have time to finish. I’ve also organized some links that I found useful. (My main website is still here, though I will be moving it in a few weeks to a new server… more on that when the time comes.)
  3. I’ve started on building a website to help people take notes when reading a book or watching a video. I’m nowhere near finished but I’m putting what I have so far on github; if you’re interested in working with me on this project please email me.

I’m starting as a student at the University of Cambridge this semester, and I’m expecting to blog about my adventures in the UK. Stay tuned!

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