Posted by: holdenlee | June 2, 2010

Looking over the past year…

I keep a diary as a Word document on my computer, writing about 15 pages on average each month since December 2009. I write on daily life at college—mostly a lot of repetitive events, as well as random philosophical musings that go on for pages sometimes. Why? Well, from my diary entry from


Why am I writing this diary, I asked myself? […] Is it for future generations to read and learn from my experiences? Well, now that I think about it… maybe they can learn something, but all the things that are deep to me won’t mean the same to other people. Everyone will have their own experiences. A lifetime of my recorded experiences can’t supplant other people’s experiences. What if suddenly my computer went bonkers and all the diary entries I typed were lost? There should be no need for me to break down over it- after all I only write stuff I know, so all the emotions and feelings are still stored in my head. I think of this diary as a painter’s palette, where ideas and feelings are mixed, and I get new ideas of stuff to put in stories, new ways and new determination to approach the difficulties of life… that’s the right attitude, I think.

I thought I might as well put some on my blog (crystallize the best of my ramblings). I edited them slightly and for privacy, blotted out names of any acquaintances. I chose some entries related to the following categories:



Meaning of life and related philosophical musings

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